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(A game made for GM48 Jam and GMTK jam)


Power up your gun using your own health to do stronger attacks. Be careful though! If your health gets too low, a single hit from an enemy will end you. Use your melee attack to speed up your health regeneration. Melee attacks make enemies angry, causing them to spew more bullets! Use over 15 different upgrades to overcome the challenges ahead!


WASD = movement

Mouse Button Left = main gun

Mouse Button Right = melee

Mouse = aim

R = restart

ALT + ENTER = fullscreen


  • Charging your weapon will create a stronger bullet. However this drains your health. If you have 10 hitpoints and charge your weapon to the max, you will receive a small buff to your recharge rate if your bullet hits an enemy. Additionally, you can gain health back by using your melee attack.

  • Getting certain upgrades will make your weapon pretty powerful without charging it up. This however, usually comes at a cost to your health.

  • If you get hit when your health is below half of your max health, you'll die unless you have a certain upgrade.


So I realize now that some things are kinda unclear. You start in the store, and head through the door above you to begin a level. Clear enemies and head back to the shop for more upgrades. The game loops and gets harder and harder, although I ran out of time to test that portion of the game out, so that aspect might be quite unbalanced.

If the game runs really slow for you, go into the options.ini file in the zip folder, and change AlternateSyncMethod to equal 1. Sorry!

If you find yourself in a room and cant get out, its because there are enemies stuck in the wall. Pooptastic! They usually are still visible ( barely) so you can still hit them but they cant hurt you! Pro tip.....? Yes pro tip :D


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