Rheum - Clarity Update

You awake. Your eye is blurry. You pull your tendrils up to wipe away the rheum. Things start to come into focus...


The focus of this update was to make things easier to see. For a game about eye balls, it's not very easy on the peepers. There was a lot of clutter and clashing colors. With this update, I hope clear things up :)

Here's what's new:

  • 2 new players to unlock
  • Background art on all three levels were recolored to be easier on the eyes. The amount of red in the game has decreased
  • A background has been added to the secret boss level
  • Some of the enemy bullets were changed to be easier to see
  • Decreased the amount of clutter on screen
  • All playable characters received a color change
  • Player UI is now displayed outside the playing area when the game is in full screen
  • New end boss
  • New ending cut scene
  • New end boss music track
  • Ultra enemies are now visually different
  • Some of the boss attacks were changed to be a bit more forgiving
  • Eye worm bosses health now scales to what level you encounter it on
  • Added a level progress bar to the ui
  • Player now starts with two bombs if they end the level with less then 2 bombs
  • Player receives a part of a bomb when they use the shield power up on full health
  • Shot gun player now has a long range charge shot
  • Endless mode was balanced out a bit
  • 13 new endless mode upgrades were added
  • Any secret bosses found will show up in the endless mode rotation
  • Endless mode has a new type of upgrade shield

Bugs hopefully fixed :D 

  • Eye worm will now die. (sometimes it would get stuck and never die)
  • fixed a bug where the mini bosses wouldn't take damage because their health kept being reset.
  • Plus a whole load of other little tweaks

Thank you for playing!

Enjoy :)


Jan 14, 2020


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