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RHEUM [pronounced: room]

A mass of muscle and teeth lay dormant before you. As you inch your way closer, it comes alive. A sphincter crying for help, beckons you to descend. Your only option is down.

Travel through  a fleshly vessel, as an eyeball, collecting rheum [eyeball crusties] to grow stronger in your fight against the infection plaguing this.......body.

Upgrade your pupils, dodge bullets, and clear the screen of projectiles with cornea crushing blasts!


  • Easy, Hard and Endless Mode
  • Endless Mode features unique power ups not found in the main mode
  • A plethora of bullets and eyeballs!
  • 6 unlockable characters
  • 3 main bosses and 4 hidden bosses to find and defeat
  • Stackable Power Ups(for even more bullets and eyeballs!)
  • Keyboard/Mouse or Controller Support
  • An original soundtrack
  • Best with headphones!
  • So much red and pink, you'd be right to question my art style
  • Beat your high scores with a scoring system where there's always rheum for improvement
  • Cheat codes? Yeah cool cheat codes to increase the difficulty!




A Game by Adrian Riedman

Art and Music - Adrian Riedman ( Twitter)

Most Sound FX - Adrian Riedman and freesounds.org

itch.io Background image - LuminousDragon

Release date May 22, 2018
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withGameMaker: Studio, LMMS, Aseprite, GIMP
TagsArcade, Atmospheric, Bullet Hell, Difficult, GameMaker, Horror, Shoot 'Em Up, Short, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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wait... i have this game for free

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The free version is a demo :) 

Edit: Actually calling it a demo is a bit inaccurate. I'd call it a "lite" version because you can beat the game. But the paid version features 6 unlockable characters 4 extra boss fights and lots of quality of life updates. It's a fuller experience overall.

Love this game. It kinda gives me terraria vibes.

Hey man, great game! It's definitely one of the hardest games I have played lately, but it's also pretty fun. Whilst I'm not too on board with the art style, it has its charm, and is overall a pretty great experience. 4/5

Also, the bullet detection can be slightly off, you might want to check that out. It might lso be better to have an option, hidden in the menus perhaps, that lets you retry from each zone. That may lower the overall difficulty, but would be a fun "assist mode"


Hey thanks for the nice feedback! Yep i'll check out the bullets. Not sure is this is what your looking for but once you beat a level, the next level becomes available to start your run in. You can select it from the character select screen.

Glad you had fun!! :)

Oh thanks! I didn't realise you could do that! Do you need to beat it from beginning to end for a true run/ending?


Nope you can start anywhere and get BOTH endings ;)

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Nice, I didn't even know other characters existed until I read the description

Hey dude, 2 suggestions: 1, have an option to turn down the white flashing to indicate enemy hits (eyes can get tired after a while), and 2, is it possible to turn off the auto bomb once you get hit at the end of a life? I would often get hit by a single bullet and waste my bomb, or go into the boss taking 2 hits per attack because I blew all my bombs on the way.

Honestly though, this game is pretty fun

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Hey! Yep those are good suggestions. I'll look into adding them. Glad your enjoying the game!! :)

edit: new version should be up

Ive reviewed this game in my latest video! Check it out!

Review starts at 4:43

Yo thank you for the nice review! Your description of it was spot on :)

I claimed this game while it was on sale, do I still get the steam key?

Hey there. Unfortunately itch only gives a steam key if money is spent. I believe 50 cents is the minimum. If you get in touch with me via the Rheum steam page i can pm you key. :)

Thanks i wll start a new discussion on steam.

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i have the same name on steam

Hello, it seems I did not receive a steam key with the game.

Hey there. Unfortunately itch only gives a steam key if money is spent. I believe 50 cents is the minimum. If you get in touch with me via the Rheum steam page i can pm you key. :)